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Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Modern disinfection procedures improve swimming enjoyment.

Our UV and ozone systems make swimming pool water hygienically pure. In addition to conventional disinfection with chlorine, unpleasant smells are also avoided, for example.

ProMinent provides various disinfection solutions for public and private swimming pools: firstly chlorine-based processes and secondly oxidation/disinfection using UV light and ozoneSignificantly less environmentally harmful by-products result from the generation and use of ozone. The latter can minimise the use of sodium-calcium hypochlorite – the smell of chlorine previously associated with swimming pools is finally eliminated and swimming becomes enjoyable. What's more, demanding requirements are also easily handled by our UV and ozone systems.

Pool operation can be complicated - lots of interference variables affect the chlorine concentration, pH and ORP value. ProMinent products automatically measure and control the metering process, enabling the prescribed setpoint to be met at all times.

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