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Environmental Management Systems

Environmental Management Systems

Heatstar is a specialist British manufacturer of heat recovery and humidity control systems, including heat pumps, designed exclusively for swimming pool applications.

Heatstar have pioneered the innovation, design and development of modern, highly energy efficient, climate control systems and continue to be the renowned market leader in this field.

A flag-bearer for energy-efficiency for over three decades, Heatstar continue to play a huge part in making swimming pools role models for energy savings and reduced carbon emissions.

  • Integral Aerothermal fresh air source heat pump boiler
  • Integral dual function dehumidifying and expelled room air heat pump
  • ‘Direct-Contact’ heat pump technology.
  • ‘Blue-EC’ ultra efficient digital inverter fan system
  • ‘Auto fan’ intelligent air recirculation fan management
  • Active heat recycling into room air and pool water via dehumidifier
  • Room air and pool water integral support heating provision
  • Central ventilation with room air recirculation
  • Fully compliant with ‘Eco-Design’ Directive (ERP) 2015

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