Everything you need to install and maintain your system.

  • Environmental Management Systems

    With perfect balance needed between air temperature, water temperature, humidity and heat recovery, there’s a lot to get right...

  • Air Source Heat Pumps

    Renewable energy option for heating the water in your pool and the air within the room.

  • Water Treatment

    Our UV and ozone systems make swimming pool water hygienically pure. In addition to conventional disinfection with chlorine, unpleasant smells are also avoided, for example.

  • Service Packages

    We offer a choice of comprehensive and cost-effective servicing contracts to both commercial and domestic clients.

  • Enclosures

    There are many reasons to invest in an enclosure, safety, cleanliness, warmth and to extend the swimming pool season.

  • Parts and Spares

    We carry thousands of spares and replacement parts at our swimming pool store located at: 11a Woodside business Park east, Ballymena.

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