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Tylo Sauna Sensation

Tylo Sauna Sensation

Design Line is a series of products consisting of four brand new sauna designs. Each one is an absolute concept of style, ready to be used. You can choose a size freely – or perhaps you like them as they are.

The sloping rear wall saves energy and creates a gentle thermal breeze inside the room. The emphasis on natural materials inside the sauna is highlighted by the heat-treated espresso aspen on the rear wall, interior lining and other features. The benches are made of slightly lighter tiger ash and the exterior cladding has a high-gloss finish.

There is good reason why the waterfall is centrally positioned. The dark wood and beautiful design with diagonal ribs are magnificent, but all eyes are on the steaming, cascading water feature. Even without this option, you can expect a superb sauna experience. Here is an example of a configuration.

All sauna rooms offer the choice of any of Tylö’s sauna heaters for home use. We offer everything from functional heaters for traditional saunas to our most advanced heaters for a complete steam sauna solution.Whichever model you choose, all of our heaters are distinguished by their quality and functionality, which have made Tylö synonymous with quality among sauna enthusiasts the world over.

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