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Stainless Steel Pools

Stainless Steel Pools

Stainless steel is an ideal material to use in forming a swimming pool. It is a modern high performance material, which will maintain its integrity after decades of use.  Indeed stainless steel pools installed 50 years ago are still in use today.  The material has significant environmental advantages being recyclable and sustainable.

Stainless steel is a modern material for our modern times.With stainless steel you have total design freedom with no constraints in creating pools of any size or shape. Stainless steel is a strong lightweight material that will not crack and is 100% watertight.  Stainless steel panelled pools can be located virtually anywhere from rooftops to hard to reach locations such as basements. Installing a stainless steel panelled pool requires no heavy equipment  and is a cleaner and speedier process. 

Castillo Pools are constructed from  high performance stainless steel panels and components manufactrured from the highest grade of European certified stainless steel. The system is precision engineered to meet ISO  EN1090 and ISO 9001 standards. Each component used in assembling the pool is individually numbered linking it to the raw material and precision engineering equipment used in its manufacture which guarantees full traceability and the highest quality controls.

A Castillo pool is also  a structural product that conforms to European EN1090 standards required of structural products and bears the coveted CE quality mark. As a result a Castillo pool is self supporting requiring no additional support in the form of concrete ring beam or back fill which makes for cleaner and speedier installation. Energy effieciency exceeds current regulatory requirements  through the application of  open or closed cell spray insulation to each panel.

Castillo’s precision-engineered panels are designed to create a standalone self- supporting structural pool that requires no additional support of any kind. Each panel can be carried through conventional doorways and lift shafts and assembled using minimal equipment and hand held tools eliminating the need for heavy construction equipment and requiring fewer personnel to install. As a result a Castillo Pool is constructed in a fraction of the time taken to install a traditional pool.

Castillo pools are available with skimmer, over- flow, infinity edges and concealed cover systems.  The system can also be fitted with moveable walls and floors and is ideal for hydrotherapy pools as the panels can withstand the higher water temperature required.

Castillo pools also come with a vast choice of high quality finishes.  Panels constructed from 316L stainless steel can be precision welded and polished on site creating a flawless contemporary stainless steel satin or mirror finish. Alternatively 304L stainless steel can be covered with precision heat welded membranes, which are available in a wide variety of colours, or designs including ceramic, tile and stone effect or bespoke  to a client’s personal design.

With a Castillo Pool there are no design constraints. Peace of mind is not limited to the high quality materials or the precision engineering used in the manufacturing process. Peace of mind is reinforced through the industry leading  guarantees and warranties given in respect of each pools water tightness, structural integrity and the  quality of workmanship in its manaufacture.

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