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Pool Servicing

Pool Servicing

To preserve the longevity of your pool or spa it is important that you have a regular and consistent servicing regime.  Whether your swimming pool or spa is brand new or established for years, it will benefit enormously from regular professional servicing, keeping the water in pristine condition and protecting the longevity of your plant room equipment. A well maintained and serviced pool or spa will improve efficiency and give you years of trouble free enjoyment.

Servicing involves monitoring the chemicals in the water to ensure that they are at the required healthy level, general cleaning of the pool (e.g. brushing, vacuuming) checking the performance of filters and pumps, back washing and periodically cleaning pool covers and surrounding areas.

Total Pools offer both proactive and reactive servicing and repair works at very competitive rates.

Our proactive service contracts are designed to minimize break downs and keep your facility running at the optimum level tailored to suit individual requirements.

When you contact us a pool engineer will visit your home or facility to conduct a free survey to determine your service requirements and provide an estimate. The engineer will advise you whether your pool or spa should be serviced weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on whether it is located indoors or outdoors, its size and how often it is used. The engineer will then create a bespoke programme to suit your budget, schedule and your pool/spa needs throughout the year, including when you are on holiday or away on business. The service programme will set out each service action to be carried out by us during the contract period.

We believe in transparency. Our standard domestic service contract rates for outdoor and indoor domestic pools are as follows:

Outdoor Pools

Opening for summer: £295*

Closing for winter:  £295*

Both opening and closing £540*

Indoor Pools

12 Month service contract:  £ 199 per month*  

Each service will take 2-3 hours and involves a thorough process undertaken by a fully trained operative. A comprehensive list of the service actions and checks can be viewed here.  

Each service contract comes with the following benefits:

All chemicals required for your pool for the year including chlorine tablets and granules, algaecide, shock, ph increaser, ph and alkalinity rescuer and test strips   

2 x calorex or heatstar air handling unit replacement filters per year   

Dedicated emergency call out contact number

1 free emergency call carried out during normal operating hours per contract period 

10% discount on all  non-  credit financed  purchases   from our on line shop including pumps, filters, automatic dosing systems,  hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms .

Minimum value of goods and services included £950 (chemicals and filters based on average size domestic pool 9m x 5m - £600 & emergency call out charge £350).

We also offer a reactive call-out service which is available to our service customers on a 24 hour 7 days a week basis.

For service packages for commercial pools please contact us on 02825446116 or at

*All pricing is subject to VAT at 20%

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