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Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance

We repair and maintain pool and spa equipment including filters, pumps, heaters and controls to ensure optimum performance.

All plant room equipment will experience wear and tear and will need to be replaced, repaired or upgraded. Also as technology advances more advanced products become available. We can advise our clients on the best products and solutions for their set up and then undertake the upgrade to ensure that they benefit from the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly products.

It is essential that all critical appliances such as boilers, air handling units, dehumidifiers and heat pumps are serviced on an annual or quarterly basis and that all pool technology components such as pumps, dosing and water quality management equipment, are kept in good condition to ensure the smooth running of the pool and to avoid unnecessary faults and premature replacement of parts which can prove costly. This also includes filter media changes which should be carried out in a 3-5 year cycle to ensure water quality is maintained.

Our heating and ventilation contractors are fully qualified and experienced in working on all swimming pool environmental management units and air source heat pumps such as Heat star, Calorex, Dura, and other major brands.

If you wish to discuss your pool maintenance and servicing needs feel free to contact us on 02825446116 or email us at

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