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Concrete Pools

Concrete Pools

Forming a swimming pool shell out of concrete has been the traditional method of construction for pools that require a tiled or mosaic finish. However concrete pools are the most time consuming and labour intensive to install. They can also  be the most expensive depending on the level of finish required. Concrete pools usually  take longer to complete as materials need time to cure. Once the base and walls are formed in most cases an additional layer of rendering is required using waterproofing plaster. When this has set the pool is tested for water tightness.


There are a number of methods used to construct a concrete pool including:

Shuttered Poured Concrete

This method of construction is considered to be the ‘standard ‘ type of  concrete swimming pool construction. Once the excavation of the site has been carried out, the contractor will install the base and sump drainage points.  The concrete base requires reinforcing steel grid sheets on the base of the swimming pool floor with up turns to tie in reinforcing steel grid sheets for wall construction. Timber or steel shuttering boards are then installed to form the walls, steps. Carpentry skills are required to form a perfect swimming pool design. Pipe work and pool fittings are installed prior to concrete pouring. Once the concrete has been poured between the shuttering it is left to set  for at least a week.

Gunite or Shot Concrete

Gunite or shot concrete is a type of swimming pool construction that uses compacted concrete shot from a high-pressure gun hose straight onto the re-enforcing steel. This technique relies on the high pressure to compact the concrete both in the walls and floor. This requires specialist equipment and a skilled team of men who shutter the pool and apply the Gunite or Shot crete if weakness in the concrete structure is to be avoided.

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