We supply and install all kinds of Pools, from Stainless Steel to Concrete as well as offering maintenance and servicing to help keep your pool in tip-top condition.
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  • Stainless Steel Pools

    Stainless steel is an ideal material to use in forming a swimming pool. It is a modern high performance material, which will maintain its integrity after decades of use.  Indeed stainless steel pools installed 50 years ago are still in use today.  The material has significant environmental advantages being recyclable and sustainable.

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  • Starline Monoblock Pools

    Monoblock or fibreglass pools are complete pool shells  that are factory built and delivered in one piece. Starline pools include steps, lights, skimmers and inlets that are pre-fitted in the factory. Pool cover systems can also be included and incorporated into the pool shell design.

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  • Concrete Pools

    Forming a swimming pool shell out of concrete has been the traditional method of construction for pools that require a tiled or mosaic finish. However concrete pools are the most time consuming and labour intensive to install. They can also  be the most expensive depending on the level of finish required. 

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  • Pool Refurbishment

    Over time most swimming pools are in need of a little care and attention and can benefit from the introduction of new or improved products. As with all technology swimming pool technology advances with time bringing improvements in areas such as energy conservation, water treatment and automation.

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  • Pool Maintenance

    We repair and maintain pool and spa equipment including filters, pumps, heaters and controls to ensure optimum performance.

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  • Pool Servicing

    To preserve the longevity of your pool or spa it is important that you have a regular and consistent servicing regime. Whether your swimming pool or spa is brand new or established for years, it will benefit enormously from regular professional servicing, keeping the water in pristine condition.

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