Acapulco Domestic

Acapulco Domestic

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Acapulco Domestic is a compact, deck-level massage spa with an overflow system which can be a defining part of the space both indoors and outdoors. Would you believe that there is sufficient space for 3 powerful hydromassage pumps, a sand filter, the entire mechanical system with tubing, and an 800L isolated buffer tank under the cover? by installing the central remote control unit to a remote location, it is possible avoid any inconveniences caused by unintentional re-programming. Thus, you can control the programming of the filtering and heating cycles, while your guests only need deal with the comfort functions, i.e. controlling the massage pumps and colour therapy lighting.

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shell materialPu reinforced acrylic (6,3 mm)
sitting places6 persons
Water volume 1470 l
net weight~ 250 kg
heating unit1 (3kW/230V/50hz)
Filter grid1 set
support structure materialMetal structure
Power Requirement
optimum 3 Å~ 16A 230V/400V 50hz Minimum 1 Å~ 32A 230V/50hz
Massage System
Hydro massage pumps3 Å~ 2 hP 230V/50hz
NEW! silent™ hot air blower450W+300W 230V/50hz
Water circulation pump1 Å~ 0,3 hP 230V/50hz
Control systemTP800
Total number of jets40
Air inlet regulator3
Water Sanitization
UV-C water sanitizer1
Comfort Solutions
Chromotherapy lighting12 x 1 (Led)
Thermo cover 1
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